Lightning Lab Energises

Lightning Lab Electric Cohort 2017 with support crew

As you may have heard, we’ve been working on a product development within Lightning Lab Electric over the past few months. The business accelerator is designed as a pressure cooker environment to road test ideas and figure out if customers will really pay for your product. At Lightning Lab you get to fail fast and start all over again, whilst learning at an incredible rate in a supported environment. It’s amazing work, but it’s not for everyone.

When we heard that Lightning Lab was offering an energy sector focused event, we jumped at the opportunity because we knew that the industry had loads of lovely data and some interesting problems that we could deploy machine learning technology into solving. The energy landscape is changing globally with more renewables and distributed generation coming online. There are many unanswered questions around how this change will be addressed and how consumers can benefit the most.

What we didn’t realise however is that the industry is very entrenched with some large local and overseas players who have a vested interest in fending off change. So it has been tough to achieve as much as we’d hoped in the short space of three months.  Notwithstanding these challenges, we’ve learned a great deal about the energy sector and built some good relationships with people already involved in energy. We even got to brew our own Electric Beer!

Huge thanks to the sponsors, our mentor team and the Lightning Lab support crew who have been working with us.

All will be revealed soon at Demo Day, so watch this space.